working through relationship anxiety with sero-02

Working Through Relationship Anxiety

A relationship should feel like a safe place, not add to your stress

Your relationship with your partner/s should be a haven for you both mentally and physically. It should provide you with solace and a sense of calm.


Yet the relationship space can often be the source of anxious feelings and inner turmoil.


If you’re suffering from anxiety that’s rooted in your relationship it colors the rest of your life.

If things are off at home, work becomes more difficult, I have less patience for the people around me, and my anxiety goes through the roof.



When the emotional place that’s meant to feel like home feels unsafe it destabilizes you.

To make matters worse, the commercialization and marketing surrounding romance, "couple's goals", "bae-cations", and Valentine’s Day puts huge pressure on new and long-term relationships.

Partners feel pressured to buy things, amp up the romance, go all out, and “prove” their love through gifts and unique experiences.


So, how do you work through relationship anxiety in healthy ways?

The biggest and most effective way you can navigate through relationship anxiety is by communicating. Put your cards on the table and have a grown-up conversation about your needs, wants, and expectations. BUT, communicating isn’t a one-way street, you need to listen to your partner’s needs, wants, and expectations too.

    Be at peace with yourself beyond your relationship. Being able to find peace and safety within yourself means you’re coming from a solid place and can build a solid relationship that’s not founded on anxiety.

    Agree to find something to be grateful for about each other every day. Verbally expressed gratitude goes a long way to quieting those anxiety demons in your mind. Take the stress out of your relationship by being thankful for each other.




    Take time to be with each other without distractions. Turn off the TV, put down the phones, and close the door. Talk to each other face to face and be in the moment with your partner. Dedicating time to just being in each other’s presence without distractions calms anxious feelings.


    You can still get relationship anxiety even if you’re sailing the singles’ ship.


    A dating app conducted a study where 2,000 singles were interviewed about why they felt Valentine's Day caused them stress and anxiety.

    They said the marketing around relationships and VDay pressured them to:

    Be romantic

    Be in a relationship

    Go on a date

    Act like the holiday is meaningful

    Spend more money on gifts than they want to

    Show others they have a Valentine

    Have sex



        So, how do you work through this pressure and come out less anxious and pressured in the end?

        Release some oxytocin naturally by listening to music, playing with pets, putting on a funny movie and laughing, or taking some “me time” and getting some good orgasms in.

        Meditate and journal on why being single is causing you anxiety. Sometimes seeing the words down on paper can give you an “ah ha” moment and provide you with clarity.

        Write down why you’re grateful to yourself. Knowing how amazing your body is for just existing and getting you from one place to another can take a lot of pressure off a made-up holiday. You’re a pretty cool human being.



          The most important part of dealing with relationship anxiety in and out of relationships is connecting with yourself on a physical and emotional level that feels safe and secure.

          Sero-02 can help you feel less anxious, have fewer panic attacks, and ease your insomnia.


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